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Groovestudio released a very unique album. The album is filled with epic cinematic music, which does not lack strong themes, angelic choirs, dramatic vocals, ethnic instruments, modern electronic elements and Hollywood sound design, all combined with great synergy.

You can listen the new album ZEPHYRUS on these stream platforms:
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GROOVE STUDIO is a production music company based in Slovakia, founded by brothers Emil Čambál and Juraj Čambál in 2002. The company focuses predominantly on TV commercials, movie and trailer music, video games and other media products.

Both Juraj and Emil have been fascinated by the piano since their childhood, which they subsequently began to study. In later years they discovered the endless possibilities of electronic music, its abstraction and color. Later on, the world of film music and their giants like John Williams, Alan Silvestri or James Horner impressed them very strong and began to study orchestral film music. The combination of multiple genres has made them versatile in composing different musical genres.

GROOVE STUDIO composed the music for the film Odyssey Energy, which won first prize in the Corporate Media and TV Awards at the Cannes festival in 2015 in the category of Best 3D movie. The O2 commercial TV spot with their music won the first prize Zlatý klinec 2018 in the category Best Film Craft.

To our clients belong brands such as O2, Siemens, ESET, Marlboro, Sony, Suzuki or advertising agencies such as Apollon Studio, Mayer / McCann-Erickson, Wiktor Leo Burnett, Alien studio and many other commercial and production companies.

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